Patient reviews: Why do they matter for doctors in 2023?

Patient reviews: Why do they matter for doctors in 2023?

Patient reviews: Back in the day, word of mouth and reputation in the market were two of the greatest marketing tools at the disposal of any healthcare provider. However, with digitalization, online reviews by patients have become increasingly popular. Let’s see why online reviews are so important for doctors in 2023.

Choosing a new doctor or a healthcare provider can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. After all, health is arguably the most important aspect we have in life and most of us (if not all) want to be as sure as possible that we are receiving the best standard of care. Be it for ourselves or our loved ones, health is everyone’s number one priority, as it should be! And that is why, when it comes to healthcare, people explore all aspects of the internet to find the best that they can get. This is where digital marketing becomes an essential tool as it helps healthcare professionals reach the right people, at the right time.

Why patient reviews?

In the era of the internet, a rating is everything. The proliferation of social media platforms has made the web a public forum where anyone and everyone can discuss and leave feedback. This is both a good as well as a bad thing because good reviews can help give improve your reputation while the not-so-good reviews can completely hamper. If not monitored and managed properly, things can get out of hands.

The thing is today’s patients are more empowered than ever with reviews of thousands of people at their disposal. In this digital world, most people select a doctor based on a variety of factors such as convenience, online reputation, location and most importantly reviews and ratings. With internet usage only going up, more and more people are going to make choices about their healthcare provider based on online reviews. And that is why it’s so critical at the moment.

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It is very easy to see why online reviews are so vital for doctors of today. Bad feedback or even a lack of any reviews whatsoever can decrease your medical practice’s credibility. That is why we are here to help you out. Let us walk you through a few main points that will make you understand the importance of patient reviews in 2023.

Benefits of online patient reviews in 2023:

1. Builds credibility

Patient reviews help create a personal connection. People trust online reviews and are most likely to be swayed away if there are more positive reviews. Additionally, reviews also help to highlight features of more niche services.

Good reviews can help boost your reputation and build a sense of credibility and trust. People trust and feel more comfortable choosing a doctor that has a good reputation and got a good track record approved by other people with similar needs.

2. Boosts local SEO

In addition to building credibility, verified reviews can help increase the visibility of your practice in several online spaces. One of the top factors that determine your search ranking is authentic reviews. The most essential being Google My Business and other such directories for doctors, where patients can drop their feedback and leave positive reviews about your practice. GMB or Google My Business has the highest influence on local search engine optimisation (SEO).

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3. Aids patient research

Online reviews are often used by potential patients to find out more specific details about the healthcare provider and their services. Past reviews from your patients can be an effective way for future patients to find out the details they need about your service.

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Online reviews have become an essential focus of medical marketing. Collecting and displaying feedback can immensely benefit doctors. Gathering online reviews not only adds to your credibility but also strengthens your SEO as well as your online reputation.

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