Doctor’s marketing 101: How to build the right online reputation

Doctor's marketing 101: How to build the right online reputation

In the past few years, the digital wave has completely transformed businesses and how they promote their services or products. Today, let’s take a look at the importance of reputation and the ways to build the right online reputation for doctors. Take a look!

The digital revolution has changed the way businesses of all sectors operate and the healthcare industry is no exception. In just a few years, healthcare consumerism and patient experience have rapidly changed with more and more people turning to online mediums for healthcare services. That is why it has become essential to have a flawless online reputation for doctors.

Today’s patients are well-equipped and more empowered than ever before. Within seconds, they can search for any information they need via the internet and decide which doctor they are going to choose. Now patients are increasingly turning to search engines to look for a doctor or hospital and it’s time that healthcare professionals start leveraging this. More and more patients are online now and so it’s important to find them right where they are. Increasing your visibility in the online world will help boost your credibility and trust. With a proactive reputation management system, doctors can make sure to leave the right impact so that potential patients take notice and eventually make an appointment.

The success of your medical practice depends highly on how positive your online reputation and reviews are. Chances are the more people see you in good light, the more it builds your credibility, establishing you as a trustworthy professional. Now, that we have talked about online reputation for doctors, let’s understand why it is so important in detail.

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Why Reputation Matters

If we look just a decade back, a healthcare provider’s reputation was primarily based on word of mouth. So, the reputation of a medical professional will highly depend on if patients have positive things to say about them. In addition, it also depended on the market image of the individual. However, with technology taking over the world, things have gone digital now. As more and more people turn to online platforms, so do businesses, including the healthcare sector. With time, there’s a massive growth in patient reviews via social media platforms and search engines. Now, the role of online reputation management cannot be overlooked which means you need to have a plan for it in place.

While traditional means are still relevant up to a certain degree, more and more people are turning towards the new media to look for services, especially medical services. Today’s patients are more empowered than ever and are well-equipped with the right tools and information. They often turn to online resources to help them take the right decisions. While making a health-related decision, today’s patients usually read reviews before scheduling an appointment with the doctor. Nowadays, patients are more likely to trust a doctor who has a digital footprint. That is why establishing yourself online and having a good reputation is paramount to help build credibility and trust. If there’s any profession that’s built on trust, it has to be the medical industry.

Now, that you know the importance of online reputation for doctors, let’s dive further into it. We have listed below a few proven ways doctors can build their online reputation. Scroll down to check out some of the most effective ways to do it!

1. Engage with patients online
Communication is the essence of human relationships, whether be it professional or personal. Engaging with your patients is quite crucial when it comes to healthcare marketing. In addition to having active social media profiles, it’s advisable to focus on timely personalized responses to online comments and queries. This helps to establish and maintain a sense of trust and relationship with the patients. When you reply to them on online platforms, patients see that their doctor is willing to go above and beyond to provide the best standard of care to them. This way, people see you in the right light and you also seem more approachable to them.

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2. Collect patient reviews
Ask your patients to leave online reviews. The more trusted and verified reviews you have online, the more it will help you in building a good reputation. online. Seeing lots of positive reviews taps into the psychology of “social proof”. People feel more comfortable and confident choosing a healthcare provider that has a good track record and has been approved by other people with similar needs. Good reviews can also help in increasing ranking on search engines leading to more exposure.

3. Revamp your website
Start with getting a visually impressive and fast website. Having a simple, engaging and user-friendly healthcare website is crucial for doctors. Keeping your website up-to-date and neat helps to build a positive image in the minds of potential patients.

Building a healthcare website? You should check out this blog on must-have website sections, made especially for doctors.

The right online reputation for doctors can help expand their practice and drive in more patients.
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4. Implement a CRM system (Customer Service Management)
When you have a Customer Service Management (CRM) in place, it becomes easier to manage patient appointments, send timely updates and leave patient reviews. With CRM, following up on your patients becomes more manageable. It will also help organize things better for you.

5. Have active social media profiles
Create engaging social media profiles and promote your services to your potential patients. When have an active online platform, helps create a good image in your patient’s mind. Try to keep your posts precise, engaging and relevant. YouTube marketing has especially proven to be quite beneficial for healthcare professionals.

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Now that you know the importance and advantages of building the right online reputation for doctors, you must start working towards it. Having a great image and flawless online reputation can help doctors reach potential patients and establish their brand in the online world.

Ready to invest in online reputation management. Connect with our team and we will help guide you to the right path!

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