Do’s and Don’ts of Healthcare Marketing in 2024

Do’s and Don’ts of Healthcare Marketing in 2024

Are you a medical professional who wants to connect with patients through marketing? Go through this article for Do’s and Don’ts of healthcare marketing in 2024 that will assist you in the formation of your marketing strategies.

Healthcare marketing in 2024

Marketing is an essential component in every industry, be it healthcare or not. Gone is the time when you had to just sit and wait for patients to approach you. With the immense competition and advancement in the medical industry, patients now rely on the Internet to access healthcare. Healthcare marketing in 2024 may be new for some medical professionals, but it is not new to the industry. Healthcare marketing has the potential to save you from getting lost in the digital realm.

Healthcare Marketing Do’s in 2024

Healthcare marketing is continuously evolving. Any changes in technology, patients’ behaviour, and demand can affect and reshape the way healthcare services are advertised. Marketing what you practice can help increase patient acquisition, understand the needs and expectations of the patient, improve ROI, and increase visibility.

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Let’s discuss some do’s of healthcare marketing that can keep you and your practice ahead of the competition.

  • Identify your target audience.

The very first step in marketing is to know who your target audience is. Your target audience can be determined by what you practice and the services you offer. To identify the target audience to promote your services, you can analyse the data from the analytics tools that show the website visitors, campaign performance, and demographics.

Knowing a definite set of audience members is essential in any type of marketing, including healthcare marketing, so that your message is delivered to the right audience.

  • Design mobile-responsive
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A website is known as a reflection of what you do and what services and treatments you offer. Therefore, it is an essential aspect and has to be designed to be simple, informative, and interesting enough to catch the viewer’s attention.

In today’s age, most patients are searching online when it comes to healthcare, and many are mobile users. So, by making your website mobile-adaptive, you can draw more attention to your website. Try to keep it simple and informative so that patients can easily navigate and understand.

  • Create compelling content

Creating compelling content is necessary so that it can hold your audience on your website. By understanding the needs of your audience, you can deliver informative and engaging content that includes social media posts, blogs, and FAQs.

Content plays a great role in establishing trust and understanding between healthcare providers and audiences.

  • Put great emphasis on videos

Video is a key healthcare marketing strategy for medical professionals. By leveraging videos, you can educate, engage, and connect with your audience. Other benefits of using videos in healthcare marketing are improved patient engagement, emotional connection, increased accessibility, and sharing ability.

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Don’ts of Healthcare Marketing

  • Overuse of jargon

In the world of healthcare, there are lots of medical terms that can’t be understood by normal people. Therefore, you should avoid using complex medical words in videos and in articles that may become confusing. To reach a wider audience, you should use simple language that can build trust and transparency with your patients.

  • Violate patient privacy

Maintaining the privacy of the patient is essential in medical marketing. Do not share any information regarding the patient without consent. You should avoid making patient testimonials that contain sensitive information and violate patient privacy and trust.

  • Overpromise results

Do not make false claims and promises about the outcomes and results that cannot be fulfilled. It can misguide the patients, and they may anticipate miraculous results and rapid solutions, which, when not fulfilled later, can lead to disappointment.

  • Ignore patient feedback
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Patient feedback or review is an essential component in the healthcare world. Any patient looking for you online mostly relies on the reviews of the former patient. It can build trust, enhance the patient experience, and improve engagement.


Healthcare marketing requires a proper strategy that involves promoting what you offer, grabbing patients’ attention, fostering trust among new patients, establishing good relations with older ones, and providing educational and informative yet engaging content through blogs and videos. It can boost your online presence among patients. By using an effective marketing strategy, you can derive positive outcomes.

In the blog above, we have mentioned some do’s and don’ts of healthcare marketing that can assist you in achieving goals and establishing trust among patients.

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