Digital Marketing Day: What it is and why do we celebrate it on December 16 every year?

Digital Marketing Day: What it is and why do we celebrate it on December 16 every year?

Digital Marketing Day 2022: India celebrates December 16 as Digital Marketing Day every year. Here’s more about this day and why we observe it.

In the recent past, digital marketing has seen exponential growth globally as well as in India. Today, most companies and brands are leveraging digital marketing strategies to promote their products and services. The last few years have been incredible for the digital marketing domain as it has marked significant growth across the globe. With technological advancements happening every day, the digital marketing industry has been booming.

In today’s time, digital marketing has evolved to become one of the most important aspects of any business. It has allowed businesses to connect with potential as well as existing customers through a variety of online channels. As the requirement for digital marketing services increases, the number of digital marketing companies in India has also increased, as more businesses seek experts to help create and execute effective online campaigns.

The world of digital marketing is expanding on such a level in India that it has a day of its own dedicated to digital marketing. Digital Marketing Day 2022 is set to be celebrated on December 16. But how it began and what is the history behind it? Let’s know about this day and why it is celebrated on this particular day.

History of Digital marketing day and how it started.
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How did it all start?

The concept of this day kicked off in 2018 with a Facebook group called “Digital Marketing question and answers“, which is one of the most happening Digital Marketing groups with over 102k active members.

The participants of the group came together and randomly chose the date of December 16 as Digital Marketing Day. A bunch of like-minded individuals came together and started preparing for events all over. They created WhatsApp groups and decided to host events in multiple cities across India. More than 18 such events took place in different cities and got a lot of media coverage. Since then, every year, December 16 has been observed as Digital Marketing Day in India.

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Why Digital Marketing Day?

When it comes to internet content consumption, India is among one of the largest online markets in the world. With a consistent increase in accessibility, the number of internet users in India is only going to grow.

That is why there’s a dedicated day for digital marketing and is celebrated across the nation. To create and spread awareness about online platforms and strike up a conversation about the rising trends in the digital marketing world.

More about the Day…

Every year, the special day is celebrated with a theme. The theme usually revolves around trending marketing topics. Last year, the theme was Influencer Marketing and the Rise of the Creator’s Economy! In addition, several paid and unpaid events, conferences, parties, bands, catch-ups and much more are all held across various cities.

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